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Happy 2015!

2014, what a year it was. Busy in more ways than one, the 2014 season brought many new faces and improvements all around the lake. Early on, before ice out, we all expected a late start to the season. Last winter was one to remember everywhere and Wabatongushi Lake was no exception.

As April rolled in, winter stuck with us full force. The first week of April we went into camp by snow machine to check on things and do a little ice fishing. It was then that we saw the results of winter up at the lodge. Deep snow buried our long track, long paddled snow machines from the get go. Although the ice was still close to 48" thick April 1st it was layered with frozen slush.

As we started arriving at Camp Lochalsh, May 5th, it was clear to us that the ice was going fast due to the layers of slush frozen into it. No one thought that by opening day it would be gone, but it was, by just one day!

To be safe, we canceled our first week of the season. There is still a lot of work to do on the island in order to open up and that's where most people were booked that opening week. Isle of Jordan was up and running before Loch Island, so guests were able to get in there right away. The fishing that week was unbelievable! So many big Walleye were caught and released, it was hard to catch anything under 18". The fish were turned on and it seemed like they hadn't eaten in months!

boat in rapids glasgow lake ontario

The fishing stayed good for most of the season, but the weather was up and down. We've all become accustomed to wild weather swings lately and the summer was full of just that.

Our staff of 2014 included two full time employees at Camp Lochalsh, Brian and Michele. They did a great job of servicing Otter Island, Sandy Bay and the Housekeeping cabins at Camp Lochalsh. Big Dave returned for the bear hunt in August and the new cook on Loch Island, Cathy went well beyond our wildest expectations providing us with culinary delights that expanded both our taste buds and wastelines. Thanks Cathy for the extra 10 pounds!

So many new additions to whole operation last summer! New floating docks on Otter Island, more cedar strip boats, a whole new fleet of Evinrude outboards, new roofs on Loch Island and dock work all over. With the 2015 season just a few short months away, we have so much more in store! We've got cabin renovations at Camp Lochalsh, Otter Island, Sandy Bay and Loch Island, more cedar strip boats on order and a large scale two year project on Loch Island that we are sure will surprise everyone when it's done!

If you haven't already booked for 2015, drop by and see us at one of the sport shows this winter. We're excited about the future and hope you'll all be a part of it! See you all this summer!


wilson signature

Isle of Jordan!

Isle of Jordan is quickly becoming our most popular outpost cabin and once you've seen it, you'll know why instantly. It's location at the center of the lake is perfect for both spring time shallow water and summer deep water fishing.

Last season we did install a dock on the back side of Isle of Jordan. The new dock can be moved to wherever it's needed and we are still tweaking the area we want to put it in. It is removable and can accommodate two of our cedar strip boats with ease.

This upcoming season, we are planning on purchasing a new generator at Isle of Jordan. The roof is now complete and we also would like to upgrade the forced air heating system already in place there. A new propane furnace will connect perfectly to the existing ductwork which would allow guests to adjust the heat for the cabin on the wall mounted thermostat rather than using the wood burning insert in the fireplace! First class all the way at Isle of Jordan!


Morel Mushroom
Inside Isle of Jordan!


A stone fireplace, right in your cabin!

Our New Evinrude 15 h.p. electric start four strokes!

New for 2014 we purchased 15 new Evinrude four stroke 15 h.p. electric start outboards. These motors use the the same powerhead as our Mercury 15 h.p. four stroke electric start outboards. Our whole fleet of outboards are all four stroke 15 h.p. electric start now with no motor over 4 years old in service for rental.

Goodbye old friend "Schaefer"

He was a great dog, without a doubt. Famous for consuming left over baked beans at shore lunch then sharing with all of us later in the day. He didn't do too much, kind of a lazy boy, but his presence was felt as he was indeed a "grey ghost."

Schaefer joined our family in 2004 as a young puppy while we were exhibiting at the "Outdoorama" sport show in Detroit. It was the last day of the show when we picked him out of his litter from the back of a minivan. He was the defective runt of his litter, with acne all over but you could tell the love just flowed from him. We all miss him dearly but his legacy for bean consumption will live on forever!

Schaefer as a puppy

Schaefer as a adult

Fishing Clowns
One of our daily Shore Lunches at Tee Pee Island, springtime location.
Cinnamon Black Bear
Thanks to being inside the largest game preserve in the world, pictures like this are possible!!!

Nice Walleye

One of Amy's fine deck flowers

Skunk in Shop
A great close up Bald Eagle shot!
Weimaraner Puppy
Schaefer and Altes coming back from Shore Lunch!!!
Here is a list of just some of the new items purchased in 2014!
  • 2 new Giesler 18' cedar strip boats
  • More Fish locators!!!
  • Extensive renovations throughout Camp Lochalsh
  • All new metal roofs on four cabins - Loch Island
  • 15 new Evinrude four stroke 15 h.p. electric start outboards
  • 3 New floating docks on Loch Island
  • New floating docks at both cabins - Otter Island

Here's a look at two of our portage lakes as seen from the air:

Loch Lomand
Glasgow Lake

Just south of Wabatongushi Lake, below the spillway and a short quarter-mile portage, is Glasgow Lake. At first, the lake seems pretty small, but when you venture out in our aluminum boat and traverse through the narrows, it opens up into a larger body of water. The narrows, with their swirling eddies and turbulent water flow, offer a perfect environment for Smallmouth Bass. The lake is filled with monster Pike, feisty Walleye, and hyperactive Smallmouth Bass.

Loch Katrine
Clear Lake

Known for non stop Pike action, this smaller lake (roughly the size of Tie Bay) is crammed full of Pike in the 26" - 30" range. Our 12' aluminum boat is accessed by a short drive from Camp Lochalsh. The lake has high ground on the north side and low swampy areas to the West where a river drains it south to another larger body of water. Rarely fished, we hope to entice people to give it a try in 2013. For those whole love the fight of feisty Northern Pike, it's a must!

With up to 10 different lakes to fish in addition to Wabatongushi, the angling and exploring opportunities are limitless! These lakes and streams are all in close proximity to Wabatongushi Lake, require no flying to get to, and have no accommodations on them. Each lake has a small aluminum boat or canoe, equipped with either an outboard motor or—in the case of Andy lake—oars.

All of our portage lakes are strictly catch and release!

No new changes in fishing regulations for 2015

For 2014, the possession limits in our area have remained unchanged and are as listed below:

Species Regular License Conservation License
Walleye 4 fish, not more than 1 greater than 46 cm. (18.1 in.) 2 fish, not more than 1 greater than 46 cm. (18.1 in.)
Northern Pike 6 fish, not more than 2 greater than 61 cm. (24 in.), of which not more than 1 greater than 86 cm. (33.9 in.) 2 fish, not more than 1 greater than 61 cm. (24 in.), and none greater than 86 cm. (33.9 in.)
Perch 50 fish 25 fish
Brook Trout 5 fish, not more than 2 greater than 30 cm. (11.8 in.), of which not more than 1 greater than 40 cm. (15.8 in.) 2 fish, not more than 1 greater than 30 cm. (11.8 in.), none greater than 40 cm. (15.8 in.)

Please note that the Brook Trout (Speckled Trout) season now ends on Labor Day instead of September 15.

Trevor Bunek with a nice Ling!

Lisa Walleye
Mike Sutton with a healthy Wabatongushi Walleye

Most of these fish were caught and released! Congratulations to all who made the board in 2014!


The US Department of Homeland Security is requiring all US citizens re-entering the US from Canada at land crossings to present a passport or passport card as of June 1, 2009. To get a passport card, click here to visit the Department of Homeland Security's passport card website.

Also, for those of you flying your own aircraft into Canada, be aware that the Department of Homeland Security (US) is requiring all private flights to notify DHS 2 hours prior to departure from the US via eAPIS for permission to leave the country. You will still need to contact CanPass for clearing Canadian Customs.

Now that's a face only a mother could love!

Sport Show Lineup - 2015!


  • Ultimate Fishing Show Detroit

    Suburban Collection Showplace (formerly Rock Financial Showplace) - Novi, MI - January 8 - 11 - Booth 1004

  • Outdoorama

Suburban Collection Showplace (formerly Rock Financial Showplace) - Novi, MI - February 26 - March 1 - Booth 5404

  • Ultimate Sport Show Grand Rapids

Devos Place - Grand Rapids, MI - March 19 - 22 - Booth 1305

  • Traverse City Outdoor Show

Howe Arena - Traverse City, MI - March 13 - 15 - Booth 319


May 19th
A good place for a Bear to be!

Off Water
Just off the Water!

A Mother Loon on her nest

2014 Hawk Air Rates

Cessna 180 (2 people) $596.64

Beaver (3-4 people) $894.96

Otter (5-8 people) $1491.60

Please note that these rates are round-trip, for the entire airplane, including HST in Canadian funds.

Beaver Floatplane
Name the Spot!

secret spot

Can you name this spot on Wabatongushi Lake?

If you think you know where this is, e-mail us at NorPike22@aol.com and let us know. The first three correct answers get a free T-shirt or coffee mug!

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